Brakes, Brakes, everywhere.

Why now may be the right time for a serious brake upgrade.

You have done a few upgrades to your car and have taken it to a few driving events. You are having the time of your life but you also have noticed that your brakes are really taking the abuse and it is starting to show. So you decide to try some dedicated high performance track brake pads. You may even install some high performance brake lines. You now have a brake package that you can have complete confidence in at the track. Yeah, what is this 1994? Twenty years ago that might have been true.

As cars have grown more powerful, heavier, and have gained tire size, factory installed brakes just haven't kept up. Only the very highest levels of BMW M, Mercedes AMG and Porsche S models come equipped with the good stuff when it comes to a serious brake package. And even they need some tuning we can help with when they are expected to get really serious at the track. The "old" saying was. "What do I need brakes, they just slow you down"

That was cute and nearly true 20 years ago when we were all driving low horsepower momentum cars at the track and keeping that speed up meant mastering brake modulation all the way to apex and beyond and those factory single piston calipers and vented rotors were all there was. I once also thought that was true... until I drove my first car with a proper set of brakes at the track. Those happened to be Brembo's on a Porsche and the confidence those brakes offered along with modulation that I had never experienced before sold me forever. In fact that is when I first decided to start handling brake upgrade kits. It turned out you can have that sort of performance installed on about any high performance car. That is why there are so popular and why many companies are trying to "break" into the business. 

But what about a big brake upgrade kit for a street car?

Heck, yes!

In fact this is an area where the mostly show crowd may be ahead of the curve. They have been installing big brake kits for years mostly for simple cosmetic upgrades. They do look great. In our opinion there are two different types of upgrades. First there is the common caliper with adaptor brackets and replacement rotor style of kits. They are an improvement over stock performance and are a decent bargain. These are what we call the show kits. Yes, EuroWerkz handles those. But then there are also the serious parts. Fully engineered and tested high performance brake kits matched to your car the same designs that are used on serious purpose built factory race cars here and in Europe. EuroWerkz handles those in Brembo and Performance Friction kits for most of the European car we sell. The show kits are fine and look and work well. The true High Performance kits though? They will make you faster, a lot faster. Plus brake friction surfaces wear will be reduced to a shockingly low level, braking confidence goes off the chart, and that brake pedal will be consistently hard corner to corner and at the same level no matter how you drive. 

In 1985 I drove a BMW 635i and thought, "Wow these brakes are amazing" That sort of upgrade is available again. Isn't it time you had some real brakes?