BMW builds a race car... FOR US!

BMW, the company that until recently I thought had lost it's way deep into the land of high volume car makers, is on the verge of doing something very cool and in a big way. 

2015.BMW M235i Racing 01.jpg

They actually built a race car. But BMW builds many race cars you say? Yes, they do, and that alone is something that is now unheard of here in the states and with only a handful of auto companies do this in Europe. But this project is special in a number of ways. First, it will be for sale! Anyone can step right up and place an order for one. Second, this car will be assembled on the regular production line. Thirdly, it will cost just 59500 Euro's (about $80k). Yes, that is cheap. Heck, I have built several weekend track cars for people that cost more than that. The catch? Well, right now you can only pay in Euro's because of course it is only available in Europe, but more on that later.

BMW designed and built the M235i Race Car for a new racing series in Germany called VPN. Basically a series that is run with your factory built car and the only modifications allowed are brakes, safety, fire, and wheels and tires. You know, the way it should be. Real production cars with real drivers getting at it. No facsimiles of cars, that are really hand built race tubs, but real everyday production cars. Where? At the Nurburgring for one. And spectators, they pay nothing. That is right, free inside access to the ring for the day to watch the action. Sounds fun to me and I wonder why it won't work here?

But back to the car. BMW is seriously considering offering these cars here in the good ol' U.S. of A. Word on the street is that they did a little dog and pony show at Vegas Motor Speedway and it garnered a lot of interest. Now, I can see a swarm of these cars tearing it up at the local tracks all over the country. This could be really good for all of us. So how can we help make this happen? 

In 1993 product interest, demand, and a mail campaign in our country brought us the E36 M3, which was a much bigger project. 

How about we e-mail our support for this project to BMW?

Below are two e-mail addresses that should be included. Lets see if we can move a small mountain and help get our hands on this cool toy in America.


Michael Schellhorn:

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