Electric Avenue

Why it's time for us to let GM fail. A Rant.

GM recently made news with a very large recall, rumors of criminal fraud, and a very arrogant commercial for a new Cadillac. You may have seen it, but if not the link is here:


 I'm most certainly not at all happy with that same old, same old, flag waving arrogant marketing that GM continues to spit at us to sell cars. But I am mostly about just the cars, and I am much more tired of their cars, as are many others. This particular ad is for the Cadillac ELR which is the first electric hybrid sold by Cadillac. Funny thing is though, that it is in fact, a re-bodied Chevy Volt with a big price tag and the same unpractical 30 mile range. Yes that is much more Madison avenue than Electric avenue. And unfortunately about par for GM for the last three decades. So why are we mad now? Two things really. The recent enormous GM recalls are bad enough and the fines and fallout are going to be big and bad news for the general, but to then find out that it really wasn't just a vendor part problem but that their may have been serious fraud behind closed GM doors, really is a shame, and this from a company spouting American values? The investigation into this has been ongoing and hearings began yesterday. Then lets also remember that we, that is you and I, lent GM a huge amount of money to stay in business. Listen, I was all for that as I didn't think our economy could afford to lose those jobs. So, why is it then that GM several years later is still way behind in technology? Most business experts claim that they were in such a hurry to start paying that loan back, because taking it, hurt their image. See GM has always been about image. Image is important for sure but around about 1974 GM looks to have decided that Image was everything, and we watched the results unfold. Most analysts agree that GM needed that money for development of new technologies and modernization. But instead? They are continuing to build very mediocre cars and continuing to bet heavily on arrogance and marketing. We need jobs in our country for sure but the economy of 2008 has improved dramatically so I'm quite sure Ford, Honda, Toyota Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and the other automakers already building great cars in our country can swallow the dwindling market share GM now has. Sorry, General Motors, it's a new America and you just don't fit in anymore.