Say goodbye to technology II

Where is all the technology going?

To the Cloud baby!

Many of you have probably already noticed that the technology in modern cars is well, not so modern. My I-phone has a better navigation and mapping system than even the most expensive BMW or Porsche. And apps that leave on-board stuff in the dust. 

So the first version we saw of the newest technology is to immediately link to your cell phone and it's apps through the car. Ford and Mercedes has done a great job of this already. Mercedes in fact will soon be the first to use the Apple CarPlay system. But the next big thing is for all of this information, apps, and vehicle control systems, that are not actually in your car. Now this is where the pocket protector crowd and I part ways. Many including Google would like to think that this will go as far as that we will all be riding around in self-driving cars in 10 years. Not going to happen, not ever, period. But what will happen is advanced control systems that are cloud based helping our cars run better and us drive better. Accident avoidance systems? Think of the possibilities when hooked together with super accurate GPS and mapping systems. Starting to make an incorrect turn the wrong way on a one way street?. Maybe your car will warn you? Your car might actually take over the driving when an accident is about to happen. What about repairs that are software based. New downloads by wi-fi while your car is sitting in a parking lot? No problem. How about warning you when actual repairs are needed or when one of your tires is getting worn out to the point of being unsafe? 

It is reported that 30% of the cost of the average new car is the electronic control systems. Okay, now what if all 2017 BMW 328's ran from the same software package, not in the car on a computer, but in the cloud for all of those cars to share? All those systems, no longer actually in the car. Yes, I know there are bugs that need to worked out but this is where we are headed. How about instead of me schlepping my laptop all over the country to download Dinan software, I just authorize your car to receive it in the cloud. How about not only just regular performance software, but how about racing software, and it is being updated during a race? Telemetry is one thing but what about the actual exchange of information and programming constantly and nearly instantly with your car through the cloud? Think of the possibilities? 

However, also remember that this could mean... Cars that won't drive over the posted speed limit? In High traffic areas like Southern CA and the East coast traffic planners input information to the cloud and your car is directed to travel at a particular speed and in a path that will aid in traffic control? Not as much fun when big brother is driving, is it? But it will open almost endless and very interesting possibilities.