Yeah, it did. Take 2:

Please watch the video at the link below to get in the correct frame of mind.


So, what did you think about that?

Forget the winner, the fact that a race car beats up on a street car is nothing that crazy, even by 4 seconds. But what is incredible about this video is actually two fold. How far BMW has strayed away from what made them great. And the level of driving shown here. Of course I’d love to have a new M3/4. I have always been in love with M3’s and have owned several examples of all of them. I’ll likely have an F80 M3 one day soon. But for the track and for real high performance driving? I don’t think so. Not anymore.

BMW became a player in the high-line car business by building the fastest, high horsepower, high content, automobiles. They developed machines that were no compromise performance cars and then built a racing pedigree based on those same production cars modified to compete with anything the other auto companies had to throw at them. False to both of course. That was actually Porsche. 

No, BMW built an Empire in both the Automotive and Motorcycle industry by building super high quality, long running, high performance, but real world reliable, and practical, transportation. BMW still does some of that pretty well. But, BMW has also officially lost it’s MoJo in my opinion. They have become a company that likes to talk about tradition and the products of yesterday, but only when they are using it for marketing purposes. And here is a little secret BMW. Real BMW enthusiasts have heard enough already.

We want a small in dimension, 2500 lb. car with 350 efficient horsepower. Not just us, but everyone that really likes to drive. It’s just Math. Do the math BMW. It’s right there, a true market Niche’. Actually almost the same exact market that made you famous. Right there, open for the taking. Aren’t you tired of trying to beat Lexus and Mercedes at games they are better at. Leave the big luxury car market and come home. You do financially well in SUV’s but that market is saturated with companies that all do well financially in the SUV market. Anyone can make money. Doesn’t BMW want to make a Mark, again?

Now, watch that video again and concentrate on the driving skills. If you have not yet done this, take your car to a driving school and learn how to drive it on a road course. No, you don’t need anything special, take the car that you drive everyday. Road course driving is one of the driving skills I picked up on relatively late in life. Don’t make that mistake. Not only is it some of the best fun you will ever have it is a great life skill to have. Now, when you can drive at the level of the driver in the video... Contact us.