Market Watch

A short update on something to watch for in the Porsche market. 

The 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 has a problem with the first run of engines and were subsequently recalled for full engine replacement. Owners were initially told to stop driving the cars as two examples in Europe caught on fire. Porsche was very upfront about all of this as they worked to find the problem, that turned out to be a fastener in the crankcase. All 785 cars built to that point  will have the entire engine replaced. However, because of the length of time these cars were off the road many owners turned them in for refunds or traded them for another Porsche model both of which was an option offered by Porsche. 

So, now there are many cars that have been purchased back by Porsche under the lemon-law buy back rules. Most all of these will be re-marketed back to Porsche dealers at Porsche auctions. Some of these cars are hitting the market in the next days and weeks. This will mean that there will be some seemingly good deals on GT3’s in the secondary market as these cars work there way through. If you are in the market for a 911 GT3 just be aware that all of these cars will have a marked title and although Porsche itself is very upfront about this fact your local Porsche dealer may or may not be quite as forthcoming. Buying cars with marked titles for any reason is a big no-no and especially at this price level. FYI