I want to restore a car

I have heard that more this past year than anytime I can remember.

That is great news as I love to see interest in cars and the hobby. However, it’s time to set the record straight. What you are seeing on television is entertainment, and not restoration.

Two english guy’s that buy cars that should be used to slow down soil erosion (aka ditch fill), get them running and looking good at 50 feet. That is not restoration, that is postponing the inevitable a few months. Grease monkeys in TX putting too much money into cars that really should be restored and turning them into street rods is not restoration either. 

Restoration is a very expensive and time consuming process and there are very few cars that can financially justify a full restoration. Of the cars we play with here at EuroWerkz, early 911’s are really the only I know of. We just recently commissioned a 1973 911 for a complete high level mechanical and cosmetic restoration and the cost will be right at $100k. So the simple math is to add that to the price of the starting car, say 40k and that is what the car needs to be worth when you are done. Yes, that rules out a LOT of cars.


Now, you can Do It Yourself and save quite a bit of money but to do it right the time involved and the expert assistance you will still need with things like finish body work and engine building still make this a completely losing financial proposition. Figure the cost of the car plus $40-60k to do it correctly. The solution? Buy the car already completed. It’s really is the right way to go if you can buy the car cheaper than you can restore it. Think of the nicely completed cars you can buy for under $50k. And believe me, perfecting and keeping that car running right will keep you just as busy as you want to be. The other option is to buy a nice driver grade car and just enjoy it. Either way…We can find you the right car, so let’s talk.