The Chase...


During the first years in business we developed and have found, that searching out cars for our customers really works the best. Inventory is nice but most of our customers are very specific about what they want. With our system, the customer gets closer to exactly what they want and we avoid the high cost of carrying inventory. The system has evolved and has been refined over the years into what we now call, "The Chase".

It really is just as simple as letting us track down the car of your dreams. We work together with you to learn your needs and wants and narrow down the parameters and then we go out and hunt. We have access to the wholesale market and a vast network of enthusiast and collector car professionals. We know where the best cars are located, as well as the inside information, to make sure we are on the right track. Sometimes it takes a while, especially if you are after an older collectable, but we will find you that dream car. Even if you are just in the market for a late model European driver, we can and will find you a great example and a great value because we know and follow these markets daily.

                                                        Oh,   we just never give up..


                                       Oh, we just never give up..